THE  BROOKLYN  BRIDGE


                    The Brooklyn Bridge, a musical group, was formed in March of 1968 by the gifted Johnny Maestro, known for his early recordings with one of the first integrated groups named The Crests.His most notable hit song was a song played at every teenage girl's special party for years. The song is 'Sixteen Candles'. Along with Johnny Maestro, the group named The Del-Satins, who Johnny eventually joined in 1966, and a local Long Island, New York garage band named 'The Rhythm Method' were also instrumental in forming 'The Brooklyn Bridge'. Johnny Maestro's passing in March of 2010 and Fred Ferrara's passing in October of 2011 were great loses to the band, to all our families and fans.

                    Today, the band consists of vocalist, Les Cauchi, an original member and also a member of the group already mentioned, 'The Del-Satins'. The  Del-Satins recorded all the background vocals on all of Dion Di Mucci's greatest hits which included 'Run Around Sue' and 'Ruby Baby'. They were also regulars on The Clay Cole TV Shows and Murry The K's Rock and Roll Shows. Other original members are James Rosica ( Base player and vocalist ) and Joe Ruvio ( vocalist ), who are friends from the Hicksville area of Long Island, New York. Both were members of the local Long Island garage band named 'The Rhythm Method'. Louis Agiesta ( Drummer ) toured with the cast of the famous 'Jesus Christ Super Star Show' before becoming a member of the band in the early 1970s. Joining the band in the early seventies are Martin D'Amico ( Keyboards and vocalist ) who played with a few local Long Island bands, working various clubs in the Tri-State New York area, and, James Sarle ( Lead Guitarist ) who played on a few of the early Brooklyn Bridge recordings before actually becoming a member of the band in the mid 1970s. Rounding off the ensemble, is lead vocalist Roy Michaels. Roy, a native New Englander who resides in Florida, had worked throughout the East Coast in various night clubs and reviews.

                    In today's music scene, no band is complete without the help of a support group. Ed Smith ( known as Smitty ) is the crew chief who handles production logistics and manages the main mixing board. He has been with the band since the mid eighties .Anthony Falco, who trouble shoots and handles any misgivings during the show, joined the band a little after Ed Smith. Completing the crew list is Robert Cannon. He is the most recent addition who mixes the monitor system. Their work overlooks and manages the technical duties for all of the shows.

                    Throughout the years, The Brooklyn Bridge had continued to record their sound. From the late 1960s with such songs as 'Blessed Is The Rain', 'Welcome me Love', and the million seller hit 'The Worst That Could Happen' to their most recent CD project entiltled ' Peace On Earth / Songs Of Inspiration, the band continued exploring their sound in the recording studio'. The band has kept their music alive. Their live show is the band's speciality which is evident in their last two DVD projects. Working major venues throughout the USA and Europe, their shows received high critical marks that led them to becoming a major headline attraction amongst their peers.

                    The Brooklyn Bridge is and will always be grateful to their fans. The Fans have enabled the band the experience of doing what comes natural to them, the enjoyment of performing and creating music.The Brooklyn Bridge will continue what they started in the late 1960s, and that is to give the fans a reason to smile and enjoy the music. Looking back, the years with Johnny Maestro and Fred Ferrara were wonderful, filled with personal and musical experiences of a lifetime. However, we all know that saying, 'The Show must go on'. And now, it is the band's time to look ahead and carry on their commitment to perform their songs with professionalism and pride as was evident throughout the last 42 years with John and Fred. Rock and Roll Forever.............................

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